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Blackhawk Snowblazers is a snowmobile club located in Oregon, Ill. Meetings are held the second Tuesday of the month Sept. thru April at the Oregon VFW club , 1310 W. Washington, Oregon, IL. at 7:15pm, with the April being a traveling meeting. Check us out, join our club.



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Free DNR Snowmobile Class

11/25/2018 09:39
SNOWMOBILE COURSES Snowmobilers will have an opportunity to learn principles of safe snowmobile operation at a Department of Natural Resource snowmobile safety education course scheduled for Sat., Dec. 1, 2018 at the Oregon Fire Department, 100 W. Washington St. Oregon, Illinois. The class will...

IDNR notice

07/06/2013 08:08
IDNR will not send out Registration Renewal Notices   Notice   The Department of Natural Resources  DID NOT send out Snowmobile renewal notices this year.  It is your responsibility to make sure that your Snowmobile registration is current.  When it's time for you to...


11/30/2012 20:13
Registration Fees will be raised to $30 – this registration will be for approximately a 3 years period. The fee for a transfer of certificate of numbers for a used snowmobile sled will also be $30 for approximately a 3 year period. This fee will be raised to $45 in the year 2017.(Exempt from...


11/30/2012 20:04
All snowmobilers must show proof of Insurance. Other than a person operating a snowmobile on their own property that is not a posted snowmobile trails, and other than a person operating a snowmobile on trail which the owner of the property has given written or oral consent, no person shall...